European Tour Blog - Day 9 - Pretend this is Day 6

My internet has been so bad!! I wrote this three days ago and I’m just now posting it. I’ll put it in quotes since technically it is past-me. This just means you’ll get another update VERY soon.

"The past few days have been crazy! I’ve learned a few things since we last talked. (1) Outdoor shows are better in the sunlight. (2) French highways have significantly fewer rest stops than in the USA. (3) When someone offers you a melon, you take it.

Saturday night I joined the Lou Reed band for an epic outdoor sunset show in Mainz Germany. The sun was literally setting right in front of us. I wore sunglasses and I looked PFC (pretty fuckin cool). Afterwards Chris Kuffner and I went out with Kevin and Tony Thunder to experience the 8th Annual Mainz Germany Wine Fun Craft Festival* and took part in the following:

1. Wine
2. Currywurst (!!!!)
3. Strawberry Sangria Type Drink
4. Nutella Banana Crepes

The next morning Kuffner and I woke up early and drove 10 hours towards Clermont-Ferrand, France. About 4 hours in, we naively passed up the opportunity to buy and eat a sandwich. Another 4 hours later we realized our mistake. Suddenly we were driving through small towns where everything was closed. I’m talking doors shut, shades drawn, deserted.  Needless to say we were upset and confused and extremely hungry. We finally found a gas station and bought a loaf of white bread (pictured above). An hour later we encountered our SECOND rest stop of the journey and finally got some real food. RELIEF.

The show in Clermont-Ferrand was amazing. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about crowds in Europe, it’s that they LOVE music. Even for an opening act, they’re quiet and attentive and totally IN IT. Here’s a video of me playing “Call Your Girlfriend” in front of a whole lot of people:

By the time the show ended, everyone had heard about our hunger experience, so the assistant tour manager (Kari) offered us all of the leftover food from everyone’s green rooms. We made out like bandits with a bag full of fruit, a plate of shrimp, and a whole watermelon, all of which I was carrying when for the first time in my life I exited a building to a crowd of fans who all clapped and cheered. I carried that melon like a champ.

Until next time!



*not the actual festival name

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