European Tour Blog - Day 16

Hey pals! I’m currently chilling in my green room in Prague CZ for the last show on the Lou Reed tour. Last time we spoke I was headed out to play in Dresden. It was amazing. It was the only show on the tour that I had anyone on the guest list, a couple of my cousins who happen to live over there. 

The show itself was a total blast. The crowd was huge and excited and there were fucking fireworks during Lou’s last song before encore. Nobody planned it, but it was perfect. Since this tour started everything has gotten more and more fun. It’s awesome to be part of such a cool band who’s lead singer just happens to be a legend. He’s at every soundcheck, fine tuning every section of every song. What a badass.

After the show we all grabbed beers and schnitzel and boarded the bus for an overnight drive to Munich. I bunked up in the front lounge with Kari, one of 2 other ladies on the tour. I fell asleep to a storm outside and the hum of a bus engine. Slept like a baby for 5 solid hours and woke up at our hotel. Turns out when you travel with Lou Reed, you get to stay in some super nice digs. My room had a king sized bed and a bathtub in it. Living the fucking dream.

That night I was only a singer. Most of the shows have been outdoor festivals, but this was under a tent. The lights were bright and the crowd was massive. I got introduced after I sang “Street Hassle” with a nice loud “That song is featuring Allison Weiss.” Fuck yeah.

Another overnight bus ride brought us to Prague where we’ve been hanging out for the past two days. I split up from the Lou Reed band and went off on my own again, a lone wolf roaming the cobblestone streets, eating round things (I don’t know what they’re called) and drinking absinthe (not as intense as you would think) between castle walls (actually castle walls).

Tonight we play Prague. Tomorrow I fly back to Brooklyn!!

See you soon.



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